1. Main Unibody: Clear Nylon 3D Printed
2. 3D Printed Nylon Canopy
3. Black M2 x 4mm Screws

Overall frame weight: 13.5g

Suggested Components

Props: 55mm Blade Propeller
Motors : 8.5mm Diameter
FC : Brushed Furious FPV Nuke, F3 Evo
LiPo : LiPo 480mah/40C 1S (3.7V)
FPV Camera: FX806T NanoCam

Hard to STOP!!! MicroTad-EX! Micro Quad Addiction!!

Inspired by so many awesome Micro Frames out there and, the urge for a new indoor micro fpv rig, drove us to the MicroTad-EX 100!

I've been searching for a simple yet hardcore looking micro frame for a while now... since I already had the whole set up from an old failed micro build and, the search of a new rig to put the components on, drove me to where we are at now... The MicroTad-EX! :)

I notice most of the micro frames (if not all) are either X or H shape, so there was a gap on the current micro market and, this was a Stretched X Micro Frame... so we decided to fill that emptiness and, following our tradition, went with the 3D Printed Nylon Mono Plate and a Canopy, blending with the same Stretched X Pattern as the LittleTad-EX and, this is where we ended up.


The canopy was designed again to reach extreme FPV Camera angle, up to 75-80 degrees (with the proper Brushless FC like the Nuke) for those Hard Core speed freaks!

Betaflight PID and Rates:
set pid_controller = MWREWRITE
set p_pitch = 40
set i_pitch = 34
set d_pitch = 25
set p_roll = 40
set i_roll = 34
set d_roll = 25
set p_yaw = 85
set i_yaw = 45
set d_yaw = 0

set rc_rate = 110
set rc_expo = 70
set rc_yaw_expo = 10
set thr_mid = 50
set thr_expo = 0
set roll_rate = 80
set pitch_rate = 80
set yaw_rate = 77
set tpa_rate = 10
set tpa_breakpoint = 1500


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