Power OSD V3 - Power distribution and OSD

Power OSD V3 - Power distribution and OSD

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PowerOSD V3 by QuadRevo

The Mini Power Distribution Board with built-in SMART OSD functionality. Completely developed in the U.S and backed by QuadRevo support. Every unit gets tested in the U.S prior to packaging and shipment to you.

The PowerOSD is designed to be completely plug and play. No hooking up to the computer! No learning yet another piece of software to use no set this or set that or check this or pulling your hair out!

· Power distribution board with built in OSD
· On board filtering to help remove/reduce system induced video noise*
· Flight timer display
· Primary battery on screen voltage display (Volts)
· Two stage low battery on screen alarm alerting you to land
· System current draw on screen display (Amps)
· System battery consumption meter (mAH used)
· Radio reception meter (RSSI) on screen display

Technical specifications:
· 3S or 4S compatibility
· 100A max current
· 36mm x 42mm size with standard mount pattern (similar to Naze32, etc)
· 4g weight

SMART functionality? So what’s so smart anyway? Read on…

Auto battery detection:
· The board will figure out and display whether you are using a 3S or 4S battery and adjust all that it needs to automatically.

Real time flight timer:
· Displays actual flight time! If the motors aren’t spinning the timer will pause. This gives you accurate actual in-flight time. You can take your time to setup your goggles comfortably on your face..., later you can come back and land for a bit. The Timer will always count only while flying.

Low battery alarm:
· As we know, when you punch the throttle the battery voltage will sag due to the high load without being low on battery. The low battery alarm will actually take your battery’s internal resistance into account and decide whether you’re just drag racing or if the battery is actually low. After the initial “low battery” alarm, if you continue flying and reach critical levels, a secondary warning appears telling you so.

RSSI auto detect
· Not all of us use the RSSI feature. If you don’t hook up the RSSI pin to your receiver the board will figure this out on it’s own and not display RSSI on the screen.
· If you do use RSSI, the board will auto configure to the receiver type and display the signal strength in percentage value. This assumes you turn on the transmitter first and your receiver is supported.

Simple installation steps:
1. Solder in your power and ground wires as you normally do on any install!
2. Plug in the FPV camera and transmitter in the designated ports
3. Youre done! Plug in the battery and turn on your goggles or screen. Instant operation.

*Installation Modification*
Some early reports on the PowerOSD V3 indicate users experiencing “On-screen-data disappearing and restarting while flying”

The following step is recommended during the installation process to prevent this issue from happening. Run a wire from the header pin location circled in blue to your 5V BEC regulator that powers your flight controller and other components. Alternatively you may run a wire from this location to one of the 5V positive pins on the ESC headers on the flight controller since it’s all part of the same 5V bus.

*Due to the nature of the installation of this item requiring direct soldering, Return and Warranty claims are only considered on units that have not been soldered*

1. Is this a mini power distribution board? Yes
2. Is the OSD functionality built in? Yes
3. Do I have to do any programming or setup? No
4. Is this compatible with any mini frame? Yes
5. Is the output to the camera/VTX battery voltage? Yes