Hello Pilots!

Since we get asked a lot about Sponsorship, we feel Mr. Steel hit the nail right on the head with this video so, we are gonna use it as a standard of our company sponsorship. Please take the time to check it out.

Most of the messages we get asking for either Sponsorship or "Product Testers" ("product tester" in reality means: NO COMMITMENT) but, since we are a small company at early stages of growth withing the Drone Frame Industry; as much as we would LOVE to give FULL SPONSORSHIP or, say "YES" to everyone that asks to "test our frames".... we can't do that. At this point, the best that we can do is a Discount Sponsorship but, this could change to FULL SPONSORSHIP as we grow together.

What are we looking for??

1. Team Players!
2. Loyalty ("man of his word")
3. NO "Entitled Attitude" - en·ti·tled - inˈtīdld,enˈtīdld/ Adjective - believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment
4. Good FPV Racing or Free Style Skills - YouTube Channel helps a LOT! ;)
5. Good Social Media Following
6. Marketable Persona
7. But to be honest... just an AWESOME ATTITUDE!

Thanks for all the support and for all inquires about our products and, interest of becoming part of the Guerrilla Drone Team!!